About Lisa Hoglan

LISA HOGLAN established herself as a concert photographer in 1977, working with such luminaries of the era as QUEEN, Journey, and Ted Nugent.

Two decades and many magazines and CD covers later, she added dancers to her repertoire. To better highlight the beauty of the dance, she made the logical leap to videography and immediately proved herself with a series of videos for the award-winning RANIA.

Her work can be seen on Rania’s Live in DallasLive in Mexico City 2005 & 2006Modern Egyptian Choreography, and Drum Solo Choreography videos; Little Egypt’s Raqia Hassan Weekend/Dallas 2003Raqia Hassan Weekend/Los Angeles 2005 featuring Dandash,2006 Weekend in LA shows featuring Aida Nour, Magdy el-Leisy & Leila, and their Stars of Spring 2011 Weekend featuring Randa Kamel, Lubna Emam, and Dr. Mo Geddawi; Oriental Nights 2006, Tina Enheduanna’s 5th Annual Dance CelebrationAn Evening of Middle Eastern Dance 2009 and 2010, hosted by Karin Jensen & Mandala Dance Works; Bands & Bellies II, United We Shimmy, and the World March Concert for All; as well as the band Strapping Young Lad’s For Those About to Rock concert DVD.

LISA was the official videographer for:
-MECDA’s CC Gypsy Stage for both 2004 & 2005
-Raqs LA 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011
-Tribal LA 2008
-Gothla 2009
-Ojai Bellydance Festival 2009 & 2010
-Tribal At The Nile 2011 & 2012
-MECDA’s  Professional Dance Conference & Retreat 2011

If you performed in any of these shows and did not purchase your DVD at the time, it’s not too late! Contact LISA with the details of your performance and your video will be brought up from the archives to be placed on a DVD anytime, no late fees like some shows.